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Curso Aberto de Aplicações Web de Stanford usa o framework Ruby on Rails

O Curso Aberto de Aplicações Web da Universidade de Stanford usa o framework Ruby on Rails…

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Notas de aulas e slides:

Livros recomendados:

The following textbooks are recommended for the class:

These books are well-written and comprehensive. However, in the past many students have found it possible to get most or all of the information they need from the Web. For example, the O’Reilly books are available free to Stanford students through Safari Books Online. Of the three books above, the Rails book is the one most used by students in the past.

In addition to these books you will also need access to reference documentation on HTML, CSS, and the DOM. One good online source for this information is This site should have enough material for CS 142 but it is not quite comprehensive. If you want to knoweverything about HTML standards, the best source is Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference, Third Edition, by Danny Goodman (O’Reilly Media).

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